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 Art Director Cheryl Grosso

Art Director Cheryl Grosso

beginning drawing

Here's what to expect:

Your child will have an introduction to laying down the outline of an object (could be an animal, a plant, an insect etc). I will decide the object in a few days. We will have a discussion about depth, value (dark to light) and lines. For this day, the emphasis will be on how we can have the best use of the entire paper for our design. Once that is determined, we will work for the rest of the class making sure our drawing is laid down the most suitable way for the paper.

I will show them step by step how to choose the best area of the paper to start and how to measure it to fit just right! They will learn about using circles, squares and lines to get the initial shape of the object started and even more importantly, how to hold and use the pencils correctly for getting the best result.

By the end of the class, your child should have a completed outline of an object I have selected for the class. Your child is welcome to take this drawing home that night or leave it at school to move on to class number two (the following week) in order to begin learning depth and value through shading the object we created in class the first week. We will work on that skill throughout the class in the second week. We may use different mediums to achieve the results. It could be paint or colored pencils, or simply one of five graphite pencils for a gray-scale effect.

$30 Material Fee Applies


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