who we are

ArtHaus 5 is made up of moms, dads, business professionals and artists alike. We take pride in fostering a culture of learning and innovativeness in an environment that is encouraging as well as instructive regarding the fundamental principles of art.  

executive team


Originally founded as YY Arts Center, ArtHaus 5 has transformed into so much more!  Mrs. Yuan, artist and founder, developed the center as a way to give back to the community and share her love of art with others.  Overtime, she realized that she wanted the center to reach so many more people than she could personally teach.  When the Yuan family partnered with Scott Spurgiesz, founder and developer of Music Pillars, the process of rebranding and expanding the studio began.  Scott has a proven track record in building businesses related to the arts and has a unique ability to implement innovative ways to educate students.  



christina shih


Christina is an artist, designer, stylist, photographer, and musician. She majored in the History of Art with an emphasis in Architecture & Environment at UC Santa Barbara, with the original intent of  developing her  skills in the field of Interior Design. During college she was particularly drawn to the rich history of Italian sculpture and architecture as well as the history of Dutch and American art.  Christina has enjoyed a passion for art since her childhood and was continually enrolled in sketch, pastel and charcoal art classes in her youth.  She enjoys creating scenic and floral pastel pieces the most.  Christina is drawn to pastels partly because of her education in Interior Design which has given her a unique ability to coordinate different colors, styles and textures.  She has a very good eye to look beyond what’s in front of her and visualize color patterns. Because of her eye for design, symmetry, colors, and angles, she has also grown very fond of photography.  In addition to her artwork, photography has become another favorite pastime for Christina.  It is another medium for her to document her love of nature.  

While a student at UCSB, Christina had the privilege of working for The Multicultural Center setting up, managing, and taking down artwork from students and guest speakers. She really enjoyed being a part of the art community while working at the center.

Since graduating from UCSB in 2009, she has enjoyed teaching students Pastel and Sketch Art at the Camarillo Art Center, in Camarillo, CA. 

Christina is also a musician who creates healing piano instrumentals; cinematic and orchestral songs; acoustic+vocal songs; and dance music via Garageband.  

She loves to imagine, create and inspire with Art, Design, and Music!

We are so glad she has come to San Diego to teach Pastels & Sketch at ArtHaus 5!


michele beus

Since we at ArtHaus 5 are all one big family, we have lovingly named one of our classes, “Art with Grandma”, after our educator Michele Beus.  Michele has over 25 years of experience as an educator in and out of the public school district. She is an accomplished local artist with formal training in primary education as well as a certification from Monart School of the Arts. The Monart curriculum is a realistic drawing curriculum that has enough structure for achieving highly skilled success and enough freedom for individual creativity. It is a progressive art curriculum that has information and drawing projects for 4 year olds through adult beginners. The Monart Method involves training students to perceive an “alphabet” of sorts focused on five basic elements of shape families that combine to form all objects. By learning to view the world through these five elements and how to transcribe the information to paper, everyone, so-called “drawers” and “non-drawers” can learn to become artists in their own right and develop their own unique style of realistic interpretation.

We are proud to have several different classes with “Grandma” using this revolutionary learning curriculum for young artists.


ed pak


Ed is a Visual Development & Graphic Novel Artist who graduated from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration.  He has many years of experience teaching children of all ages at ECole D’Art Academy, as well as through his personal church ministry.  He is enthusiastic and hands on with his students and enjoys the overall process from creative concept and idea generation to the actual artistic piece.  He helps children with writing and design in his Comics class as well as the re-designing of different diverse characters in his Inventive Character class.  

Ed is currently working on his own Graphic Novel which he can share with his students.  He is excited to meet your amazing artist in his class!


fang luo


Fang is a woman of many talents!   She possesses a degree in Fashion Design as well as a BS in Engineering and Computer Science.  She has worked teaching art to children and adults alike.  

Fang has a unique ability to incorporate fun ways to instruct her students in the fundamentals of design and continually encourages the exploration of color usage, form, texture and pattern through her various teaching methods.  Her work as a technical designer and experience designing, as well as working with designers, in the fashion industry has greatly enhanced her eye for all things creative and has given her a strong aesthetic perception in figure drawing.  

She is incredibly proficient in her ability to use various computer applications in creating her designs, including Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.  

In addition to this incredible skill set, Fang is multilingual and speaks 3 different languages!  Her love of computer design, mixed with sketch, pattern making, drawing and Chinese painting make her an incredible asset to our team.

Currently Fang instructs our drawing class but we are excited to take advantage of her other talents in computer technology and fashion design in the near future!


john yato


The artist, John Yato, was born within sight of Mount Fuji, Japan, on May 13, 1950. At the age of nine he moved to the United States with his family. He worked as a designer and illustrator for sixteen years. Stylistically, John is a very versatile artist, perhaps best known for the realistic style of his California landmark paintings. "I utilize a variety of styles to capture everchanging scenes of life" says John. His subject matter is also varied, ranging from scenes of his home city to architecture, wildlife, landscapes, figures and seascapes. On his travels to Japan, Hawaii, Europe and Mexico, he returns with many sketches, photographs and videotapes recording his observations. His aim is to create works that will stand the test of time and raise watercolors to the status historically enjoyed by oil paintings. John's works are included in the collections of: Gregory Peck, Betty White, Simon and Simon TV show, Major Dad TV show, President L. Johnson, Vice Admiral Robert K. Kihune, the Major of Yokohama, Japan, the mayor of Mexico City and PM TV host Pat Brown. His works are also hung in many of the well known U.S. Navy ships such as The Battleship USS Missouri, Carrier USS Constellation, Carrier USS Kitty Hawk, Carrier USS Independence and many others. John has had many one man shows, taught and has done numerous demonstrations throughout Southern California, USA. 

We are so pleased and lucky to have Mr. Yato as on of our educators teaching multiple WaterColor classes at ArtHaus 5.  

Please see additional artwork by Mr. Yato at www.YatoArt.com