arthaus 5 student expectations


imagine, create, and inspire!

ArtHaus 5 Art Studio has many different classes to accommodate the different age and skill levels of each student. One of the things we expect from our students is that they have a desire to learn, have fun, and make art! We do not want to be a place where a child feels like they have to go to art class — we want to be a space for all to freely express their ideas.

We also love positive thinking! Like every other acquired and developed skill, learning how to make art takes practice and perseverance. Our instructors want to foster an optimism and veracity in students that instills confidence in their art, even if they are unsure or think an art piece is too difficult. We do not want to hear “I cant” from anyone, so we always encourage students and show them the beauty in everything they create. Each student progresses at a different pace, and ArtHaus 5 works to nurture the growth of every artist at every age.