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Below you will find our policies regarding our weekly studio classes. If you have any additional questions, feel free to direct any inquiries to

Studio Class Terms and Conditions

All payments for individual lessons, materials, galleries/exhibitions, and other charges will be paid monthly. Payments can be made either through automated debit/credit card payments, or through auto-debits from a checking account. A $15 fee, or the actual fee from the bank (whichever is greater), will be assessed on NSF (non-sufficient funds) notices.
Tuition is withdrawn (via CC or ACH) monthly on the anniversary date of enrollment and is collected (via CC or ACH) immediately upon enrollment. Credit card fees may apply as well as NSF fees in the event of a returned check.

Monthly Tuition Rates**

Weekly Group Classes*:
1 Hour Lessons $88/month
1.5 Hour Lessons $132/month
2 Hour Lessons $152/month

Weekly Private Lessons (1 Hour):
Private $195/month
Semi-Private (2 students) $150/month
Studio (3 Students) $120/month

*An Annual Materials Fee of $30 per class ($45 for clay/sculpture) will apply to new students upon enrollment. $15 is collected upon enrollment and in January and July of each year thereafter.
**Additional Materials Fees charged, as needed, for Clay and Acrylic Lessons.

It is important that students/parents understand that the monthly tuition rate is not on a per-lesson basis. Some months your student will have 5 lessons + possibly other classes, and some months (depending upon the studio schedule) they could have less. The monthly tuition is the monthly rate paid regardless of the number of lessons/classes in a given month. The number of actual lessons in any particular month will vary based upon the studio schedule (refer to the calendar below).

Payments will only be accepted through direct deposit either via ACH or Major Credit Card. We reserve the right to suspend teaching services immediately if payment has not been paid. Credit Card payments will be subject to the current credit card processing rate of 3%. Payments are processed monthly on the anniversary date of enrollment.

ArtHaus 5 holds an Open Studio session each month to allow students who have missed a class due to personal reasons or Studio closures the opportunity to work on their project. Open Studio space is limited, and parents are encouraged to pre-register their artist via email to our Director, Cheryl Grosso (

If your student is unable to attend Open Studio, but would like to make-up their class time, there may be limited options to attend on an alternate day for their enrolled class. As ArtHaus 5 strives to keep classes small to provide an ideal learning environment, there may not be space available in a regularly scheduled class. Missed classes will not be refunded, nor do they carry over to future months.

Costs associated with books, supplies, and other materials provided to students are due upon receipt of them, and will be charged to the Credit Card/Checking account on file. Charges may be collected immediately or on the following month’s tuition statement. In the event of cancellation of lessons, materials fees incurred but not collected in the final month are still due and owing on the billing anniversary of the month following canation.

A materials fee of $15 per class ($22.50 for clay/sculpture) will be charged at enrollment, and in January and July of each year, thereafter. Some classes, including but not limited to, clay and acrylic classes, incur additional periodic materials fees.

ArtHaus 5 recognizes that schedules may occasionally require a temporary pause in enrollment for our students. To accommodate our students and their families, we offer the option to temporarily pause enrollment for a maximum of 90-days. Please review the Temporary Enrollment Pause form found under the “Resources” tab on our website,, for the terms and conditions of a temporary enrollment pause. Should you wish to permanently discontinue lessons, 30-Day Written Notice is required. Artists are charged for those last 30-days of lessons regardless of whether or not they attend them. The Cancellation Notice is available under the “Resources” tab on our website,

ArtHaus5 takes photos and videos of students and their projects. ArtHaus5 also publishes photographs and displays original artwork taken of parents and children. By enrolling your child or children with ArtHaus 5, you attest that you are the parent or legal guardian of the child or children cnrolling and that you have full authority to consent to authorize ArtHaus 5 to use their likenesses and names. You also further acknowledge that participation is voluntary and that neither you, the minor child, or minor children will receive financial compensation of any type associated with the taking or publication of these photographs or participation in Company marketing materials or other Company publications. You acknowledge and agree that publication of said photos confers no rights of ownership or royalties whatsoever. By enrolling your child or children, you release ArtHaus 5, its contractors, its employees and any third parties involved in the creation or publication of ArtHaus 5 publications, from liability for any claim by you or any third party in connection with my participation or the participation of the children being enrolling.

If you do not consent to the above, please email our director, Cheryl Grosso, at

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