the arthaus 5 experience


imagine, create, and inspire!

raising creative thinkers from ArtHaus to yours!

At ArtHaus 5, we explore art and teach it to all those with a desire to learn. We are currently based in 4S Ranch, a close-knit community located in San Diego, California. Our community features people of many different ages, races, religions, genders, and ethnicities, and all are always welcome to find the joy in art at our studio!

Everyone can learn to draw; it is a skill that comes with practice, like playing an instrument or learning to read. However, with learning to draw, one becomes more of a critical thinker or problem solver, as they think about how they want to convey something on the page or draw it the way they visualize in their head. Students at ArtHaus 5 become more creative and critical thinkers, able to apply the flexible, out-of-the-box principles to other aspects of their lives.

Our classes are structured to be intimate small class settings, with our our teacher-to-student ratio being no more than 10-to-1, with an additional assistant being present to help if there are more than 5 students. Our instructors are all hands-on, and are always ecstatic to help their students learn more about art and art-making. We instruct a very diverse age range of students, from children whom have just turned 4 to moms who want to enrich their weeks with some technical drawing! In this endeavor, we hope to nourish the minds of people of all ages to see the beauty in everything, and to be inspired to create art in everything they do.

We also love positive thinking! Like every other acquired and developed skill, learning how to make art takes practice and perseverance. Our instructors want to foster an optimism and veracity in students that instills confidence in their art, even if they are unsure or think an art piece is too difficult. We do not want to hear “I cant” from anyone, so we always encourage students and show them the beauty in everything they create. Each student progresses at a different pace, and ArtHaus 5 works to nurture the growth of every artist at every age.