workshops and camps

ArtHaus 5 occasionally holds workshops on a range of fun, interesting topics, such as pumpkin pie-making and creating space art! Look below for pictures and info from our previously held workshops, and check back in regularly for new workshop announcements.

The studio also holds camps during breaks, such as our very fun Summer camps! Look below for assorted pictures from the multitude of different camps held during the summertime.


2019 Summer Camp at ArtHaus 5
June - August 2019

2019 marks the first year ArtHaus 5 is holding HUGE camps for the summer! From working with papier-mâché to power drills, ArtHaus 5 has a plethora of different camps all summer for kids of all ages. Check out the photos below to see what we’ve done so far this summer!


Space Art Workshop
June 2019

Held in June 2019, ArtHaus 5 put on a one-day workshop on how to make a setting of planets in space using spray paint! Click below to see some of the cool pieces that were created.


Pumpkin Pie Workshop
November 2018

Held over the November 2018 Thanksgiving break, ArtHaus 5 taught some of their students how to prepare Ms. Cheryl’s incredibly popular pumpkin pie recipe! Click below to see our students in the pie-making process.